• The Gill Lab

  • Gold nanoparticles
    Gold nanoparticles as a novel
    platform for development and
    delivery of influenza vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Wenqian Tao)
  • Confocal image of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)
  • Microneedle array
    Painless microneedles for
    vaccine and drug delivery to various
    tissues of the human body.
    (Image Credit: Harvinder Gill)
  • SEM of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Jasim Uddin)
  • Oral cavity histology
    Microneedles for local delivery
    of cancer medications to
    oral cavity for management of
    oro-pharyngeal tumors.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)


Gold nanoparticles for influenza vaccine delivery

Influenza virus causes serious respiratory illness and has potential to cause pandemics. Due to the high mutation rate in influenza genes encoding the hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA), antigenic ...


Plant pollens/spores for oral vaccination

Oral vaccination continues to be one of the ‘holy grails’ in vaccinology. We are pioneering the use of plant pollens and spores as novel materials for oral vaccination. The overall objective of this research is ...


Oral cavity vaccination using microneedles

Oral cavity is an easily accessible and immunologically attractive site for mucosal vaccination. For example, two palatine tonsils, two tubal tonsils, an adenoid and a lingual tonsil are anatomically arranged ...


Locoregional drug delivery to treat head and neck tumors

It is estimated that in the US alone, 39,400 new incidences and 7,900 mortalities for oral cavity and oropharyngeal carcinomas will occur in the year 2011. With an estimated 12,060 new cases, tongue ...


Molecular engineering of protein polymers

Recombinant technology can be harnessed to produce protein polymers with exquisite control over molecular weight and monodispersity. Because of sequence similarity with elastin and other natural ...


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