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  • Gold nanoparticles
    Gold nanoparticles as a novel
    platform for development and
    delivery of influenza vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Wenqian Tao)
  • Confocal image of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)
  • Microneedle array
    Painless microneedles for
    vaccine and drug delivery to various
    tissues of the human body.
    (Image Credit: Harvinder Gill)
  • SEM of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Jasim Uddin)
  • Oral cavity histology
    Microneedles for local delivery
    of cancer medications to
    oral cavity for management of
    oro-pharyngeal tumors.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)


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