• The Gill Lab

  • Gold nanoparticles
    Gold nanoparticles as a novel
    platform for development and
    delivery of influenza vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Wenqian Tao)
  • Confocal image of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)
  • Microneedle array
    Painless microneedles for
    vaccine and drug delivery to various
    tissues of the human body.
    (Image Credit: Harvinder Gill)
  • SEM of pollens
    Plant pollens and spores as
    a novel platform for oral
    delivery of vaccines.
    (Image Credit: Jasim Uddin)
  • Oral cavity histology
    Microneedles for local delivery
    of cancer medications to
    oral cavity for management of
    oro-pharyngeal tumors.
    (Image Credit: Yunzhe Ma)

Welcome to Gill Laboratory

The Gill Lab is directed by Dr. Harvinder Gill. Dr. Gill and his colleagues in the laboratory perform fundamental and translational research in the fields of drug delivery, vaccines, immunotherapy, and nanomedicine to help address some of the pressing biomedical challenges facing human health. Our research integrates the knowledge and tools from various disciplines including engineering, chemistry, biology, immunology, recombinant engineering, and micro-nano-technology.


Gill Lab is currently developing various innovative drug and vaccine delivery platforms. The vaccine delivery systems are aimed to maximize stimulation of mucosal immunity and are directed to address the challenges related to influenza and HIV infectious diseases. We are also developing a delivery system for localized delivery of cancer drugs directly into oral tumors that could potentially improve prognosis in patients of head and neck tumors. Importantly the approach could minimize surgical organ loss associated with head and neck tumors. We are pioneering the use of plant pollens/spores as vaccination systems. We are also harnessing the powerful potential of gold nanoparticles, microneedles and recombinantly synthesized proteins as basis for our delivery systems.


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